I feel guilty. I try to be this advocate for women’s sport, but I can’t remember the last time I actually went to a game. I’m either working or playing or otherwise busy in life, and while I’ve been keeping up thanks to things like W League on ABC and the live streams on http://www.cricket.com.au, I am dissatisfied. I want to be there.

I’m sick of missing out, and summer in Australia is prime women’s sport season with the W League, WBBL and WNBL, so I’ve decided to knuckle down and make this declaration: I’m going to attempt to make it to EVERY women’s sporting event in Sydney this summer. By the end of February I am hoping to have attended at least 30 women’s matches, hence my catchy title.

(I caught a break because there were actually no games in Sydney last weekend, giving me an extra week to get myself organised. Startinggggg…now!)

Now, it won’t be all smooth sailing. I’m probably going to have a couple of disheartening conversations with my friends to the tune of “Yeah nah, I’d love to do this fun thing with you and experience meaningful human interaction, but I promised myself I’d go watch cricket by myself all day.” But I am willing to make the tough sacrifices here.

I will have real commitments like work of course, and my own cricket games on Sundays (which constantly foil any attempts I make to watch the Wanderers women play, but that’s a story for another day). But aside from those unavoidable clashes, if there’s a women’s sporting fixture in Sydney this summer, you will be seeing my face in the crowd. I hope to see all of yours too.

The Summer of Women’s Sport in Sydney kicks off with a fittingly huge bang, in the form of the blockbuster opening weekend of the WBBL. All eight teams are in town, and there will be six matches over two days at North Sydney Oval. See you there.